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Photos of the park and events

April 2015 Italian Gardens

Stanley Park, Italian Gardens, Blackpool

Stanley Park, Italian Gardens, Blackpool

Easter Fair April 2015

Easter Fair in Stanley Park Visitor Centre April 2015

Christmas Fair 2014 was on Sunday 30th November from 10am until 1.30pm.

Music at the Bandstand, June 2014

Touch the Pearl, 2014 on Stanley Park

Italian Gardens, 2014

Italian Gardens, Stanley Park Blackpool, 2014

The Lions return to the Italian Gardens

Saturday 7th September 2013. The Mayor and Mayoress of Blackpool, Councillor Eddie Collett and Mrs Heather Collett, attended a ceremony to unveil the new lions that are replicates of the ones loaned to Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. Also in attendance were representatives from Stowe School and members the Blackpool Council team responsible for the lions.

Below, the Mayor of Blackpool about to unveil one of the lions:The Mayor of Blackpool unveiling the first lion

The unveiled lion:

The newly unveiled lion at Stanley Park


Christmas Fair 2013

December 1st in the Visitor Centre, Stanley Park, Blackpool.

Carole at the Raffle Stall, Stanley Park Blackpool

Santa and Friends, Stanley Park Blackpool

Christmas Fair, Stanley Park Blackpool

Santa at the Christmas Fair, Stanley Park Blackpool

Lots of lovely cakes served by two lovely ladies at the Christmas Fair Stanley Park, Blackpool

Lions unveiled

The new lions were unveiled on the 7th September and here they are the day after:

Blackpool Stanley Park's new lions 8th Sept 2013

Sunday 25th August 2013 report.

Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

What a great day in Stanley Park with a big turn out of cars, a huge turn out of people and some great music enjoyed by all on the Bandstand. Not only, but also it was sunny and warm.

On the Italian Gardens cars were parked all round the inside, the outside, along the entrance drives and on the grass. Well done to the Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group.

Old British cars: Rileys, Wolseleys, Triumphs, Austins, Morris, Sunbeams. Vauxhalls and a big display of Fords: Escorts, Consuls, Cortinas, Granadas, Prefects, Capri, Classic. Luxury marques: Rolls Royce, Bentley. Sporty: Jaguar, MG, Triumph TR. Big and foreign: Cadillacs, Mercedes.

A quartet with ukelele playing George Formby and songs of that era. I was leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street. The whole show sponsored by Hesketh Cars.

On the bandstand DJs were playing 3 hours of soul sound. The urging beat pushing you to get up. A big crowd sitting in the sun listening to great music. Some talking, some laughing, some ready to party and some dancing. The Getsettes got up and played some 60's R&B to round off the show.

Triumphs round the fountain:Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Jaguars round the edges:Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Austin, Morris, Ford:Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens


Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens


Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens


Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Here's to the Park Gardeners don't those flowers look good. Motorcycles and the Art Deco Cafe:Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group Show on the Italian Gardens

Soul in the Park, a busy bandstand, 'some laughing, some just shapeless forms' (it's a song, do you know what?):Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

Blackpool Soul Club - Keep the Faith:Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

The Getsettes on stage:Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

A great turn out. Some dancing:

Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

Scooters came and went from all over Lancashire - we want more! Boats, Swanboats it's all on Stanley Park:Soul in the Park on the Bandstand

Choose your hedge. The hedge display near the Forest Gate entrance. One of my favourites. Well done to the gardeners:Hedge Display in Stanley Park


A walk in the area of Stanley Park Blackpool - Saturday 3rd November 2012.

The Stanley Park conservation area is quite classy with its characteristic styles from the 1920's.

Welcome to Stanley Park - The East Park Drive entrance near the hospital:

welcome to Stanley Park

The goose posing in exchange for a bite of bread, but I conned it as I'd no bread:

Stanley Park goose

Stanley Park Bandstand area next to the lake:

Stanley Park bandstand

The Art Deco Cafe or Park's Cafe, nice to sit outside:

Stanley Park Art Deco Cafe

The Visitor Centre next to the Cafe advertising Friends of Stanley Park's Christmas Fair on 25th November 2012 with an elegantly produced sign:

Stanley Park Visitor Centre

The main entrance drive to Stanley Park, Mawsons Drive. Mawson designed the park.

Stanley Park main entrance drive

Stanley Park Main Entrance with the North and South Gate Lodges (Blackpool Volunteer Centre), West Park Drive.

Stanley Park main gate, West Park Drive

Blackpool Cricket Club Pavilion on West Park Drive, usually gets a Lancashire County game once a season:

Stanley Park - Blackpool Cricket Club

Blackpool Council Sports Centre on West Park Drive:

Stanley Park Sports Centre

Blackpool Athletics Track on West Park Drive:

Stanley Park Athletics Track

The skateboard facility next to the childrens playground and Sports Centre on Stanley Park:

Stanley Park skateboard track

The old park pavilion, now the Police Centre, with its characteristic roof, which this photo doesn't show too well. Several buildings including the hospital had this style from 1927ish:

Stanley Park pavilion

A view of the lake on the way out to East Park Drive next to Blackpool Model Village and its car park:

Stanley Park view of lake from near entrance

Back into the park off East Park Drive for a walk over the lake bridges:

Stanley Park East Park Drive entrance to bridges

On one of the lake bridges:

Stanley Park bridge between the lakes

The view from the bridge of the far lake looking towards the hospital:

Stanley Park - lake under the bridge

A view of Stanley Park Golf Course, its entrance is on North Park Drive:

Stanley Park golf course

Crossing East Park Drive at the entrance at the beginning of this walk is the other half of the golf course next to the hospital:

Stanley Park golf course across East Park Drive

Into Salisbury Woodland from East Park Drive heading towards Blackpool Zoo:

Stanley Park - Salisbury Woodland

The far end of Salisbury Woodland is Blackpool Zoo celebrating 40 years in 2012 and using the old Blackpool Airport Art Deco hangars:

Stanley Park area - Blackpool Zoo entrance

Blackpool Zoo building, the old Blackpool Airport Control Tower:

Stanley Park area - Zoo ex-Control Tower

At the end of Salisbury Woodland heading towards Herons Reach signposted as Staining - go either way to Marton Mere for a good walk and bird watching hides. This is a circular track via Marton Mere, De Vere Hotel, also for Staining and Herons Reach. An entrance to the hospital is also here from the Zoo car park:

Stanley Park area - far end of Salisbury Woodland onto Herons Reach track

Going left, the tarmac track towards Herons Reach, further on it becomes more gravelly and can have puddles:

Stanley Park area - the track to Marton Mere

A view from the walk of Blackpool Victoria Hospital's magnificent new Cardiac Building:

Stanley Park area - view of Blackpool Hospital new cardiac building from the walk

Decision time: Herons Way or Reach takes you to Newton Drive which is a decent walk or bus into town or back to the park. Continue on the tarmac track to Marton Mere. The sign pointing right takes you either onto a natural footpath or over the De Vere Golf Course which I don't like doing but it's a bit shorter:

Stanley Park area - decision time

You might choose to walk along North Park Drive opposite the hospital which has some characterful houses and is relatively quiet.

Photos from the Summer Bandstand Shows:

Photos from July 1st on the Bandstand: Arnold School Band with their vocalist smoothing your day.
Stanley Park Bandstand 2012

Arnold School Band play to the audience on a sunny afternoon in Blackpool.

Stanley Park Bandstand 2012

Friends of Stanley Park Volunteers: Denys, Carole and Dean.Friends of Stanley Park Volunteers

Some photos from Martin Ashworth:

The volunteer stewards at Blackpool Stanley Park Bandstand summer music shows

The volunteers who steward the shows on the bandstand, summer 2012. Dean, Jane, Carole,

Lune Deep at Stanley Park Bandstand June 2012

Lune Deep, June 2012

Carleton Crossing on Stanley Park bandstand 2012

Carleton Crossing, June 2012

Kev Scott on Stanley Park Bandstand June 2012

Kev Scott, June 2012

The People, June 2012

Previous Years



Carol of the Friends of Stanley Park on guitar.

Cliff Tribute

Rupert Fabulous


Handmade Craft Fair - 18th July 2010 : Arranged by the Grundy Art Gallery, 35 stalls of handmade items in a marquee near the bandstand.

16 Men Swinging 16 Men Swinging 25th July 2010.
Cricket 25th July 2010.
The Art Deco Cafe viewed from the the Italian Gardens.
The Bridges on Stanley Park.
Salisbury Woodland Gardens.
In Salisbury Woodland Gardens.