Memories of Stanley Park

We’re seeking your memories of Stanley Park for our 90th Summer Celebration in 2017.  These will be used as a feature during the event and may be published in local newspapers such as the Gazette.

If you have a long cherished memory of Stanley Park and wish to share it please write it in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively you can write to our Chairman and we’ll publish it for you.   E-mail our Chairman click here

Stanley Park Blackpool Italian Gardens August 2016
Stanley Park Italian Gardens August 2016

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Keith Webster sent us the photograph below.  Any guesses at the date?

Stanley Park Lake date unknown. Courtesy Keith Webster
Stanley Park Lake date unknown. Courtesy Keith Webster

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  1. Gillian Cosgrove

    I was born in Blackpool and am now 61 ,Iived just by Stanley park and went in nearly every day and when I was 15 worked in Stanley park cafe which was then run by the Tasker family and have great memories of those days .I loved the park to play in and it was always beautifully kept alas now the small cafe by what were the tennis courts in days gone by is now boarded up and covered in graffiti ,very sad to see as I also worked in there and was very busy

  2. C Raymond

    I came to Stanley Park with my aged wheelchair bound mother. We had a lovely relaxing time there. The park is big enough to avoid children running and playing. The flowers were very colourful. The toilets were easily accessible for us. The café was very welcoming. The day was warm and sunny, and the squirrels were so tame they came right up to us, which was great as mums eyesight wasn’t good and she couldn’t see very far, we could hand feed them! Mum’s no longer here but that day is one of my best memories of our days out together.

  3. A Bletcher

    As a child in the 1950s we always holidayed in Blackpool and had a day at the north shore Boating Pool, a visit to the circus and a day out to Stanley Park. I remember paying 6d to climb the clock tower, being fascinated by the floral clock and almost falling in the boating lake trying to board the boat too quickly.
    My strongest memory is of my Dad almost setting himself alight. The whole family group had just finished playing on the Putting Green and walking down the slight grassy slope down to the main path when my Dad lost his footing and ended up on his bum. We all laughed and walked on until realising we could see smoke from the back pocket of his trousers. He had a box of matches in there and the friction of the slide down the slope has set them alight. Thankfully no damage was done, except to his pride.

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