90th Summer Celebration

Stanley Park was opened in October 1926.  It was decided to celebrate its 90th Summer in on Saturday 8th July 2017 and have a grand festival and invite the Earl of Derby, local Civic Leaders and schools to re-create the grand opening with a golden key.

It was a lovely day and the Earl of Derby opened the gates after a flourish from the Town Crier and led a grand parade along Mawson Drive followed by the Civic Leaders and schools in order of founding date, one for each decade.  At the end of Mawson Drive The Park Community Academy Band played.

There were speeches on the steps leading to the Italian Gardens.  The Earl reflected that his Great Grandfather had opened the park .   After the speeches the Revoelution Choir sang in the Italian Gardens and the Cocker Clock Tower was opened.

The Earl of Derby making his speech


Elaine Smith, Chairman of the Friends of Stanley Park, making her speech


The Earl of Derby with the Golden Key, The Mayor and Mayoress of Blackpool and the Town Crier.
97yr Old Edith Wilkinson who attended the opening of the park, with Joan Humble Chairman of Blackpool Civic Trust and Joan Sanderson the daughter of Edith.
Park Community Academy Band
Leading the Schools from the Cricket Club before the procession








Wild applause for the procession


The Revoelution Choir in the Italian Gardens
Opening the Cocker Clock Tower with Blackpool Heritage Guided Tours
The View from the Cocker Clock Tower

We’re collecting memories of Stanley Park on our website.  If you have a long cherished memory please write it on our Memory Page.   Click here to find out more

Details of the Day

Saturday 8th July 2017, 10.30am to 2.20pm. Watch for full details as they are made. We now have:

Family Activities, Schools Parade

Earl of Derby, Ukelele Orchestra

Ceremonial Opening of the Gates

Schools on the Bandstand

Climb the Clock Tower

Dr Who and his TARDIS are bringing the Space Hoppers, 

Hula Hoops, Hopscotch, Frisbies,  Jenga, Hoop & Stick, Croquet, Yoyos, Ten pin bowling

The Ukelele Band at the gates 10.30am to 11am
Earl of Derby will open the gates with a parade
Park Community School (1980) at the top of 
the Drive from 11am to 11.20am
The speeches will then be made from the Cafe Terrace steps
As they finish the Revolution Choir will sing in
the Italian Gardens while the schools disperse

Following that the schools will perform on the bandstand in order of school age;
12.00….Stanley Primary School…..1920
12.20….Revoe Learning Academy…..1930
12.40….Waterloo Primary Academy…..1940
1.00…..Claremont Community Primary…..1950
1.20…..Christ the King Catholic Academy…..1960
1.40…..St Kentigern’s Catholic Primary…..1970
2.00…..Marton School & South Shore Academy…..1990
2.20…..St Cuthbert’s School…..2000
2.40…..St Nicholas C of E Primary…..2010
3.00…..Soloist – Jennifer Love