The Children’s Playground Re-opens 11th July 2020

Stanley Park Blackpool Children's Playground Covid19 Safety
Stanley Park Blackpool Children’s Playground Covid19 Safety

Playground news from Blackpool Council.

‘We are pleased to announce that we are opening playgrounds on 11 July. The safety of our playgrounds is of high importance to us and we thank families for their patience whilst we have got them ready.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back and we do ask families to observe social distancing guidelines and government advice on hand washing before and after visiting.

In order to help keep playgrounds safe, we ask that families:

-observe social distancing guidelines

-If the site is busy, we ask that they queue or come back later

-keep their visit to 30 minutes particularly in busy times

-Wash their hands before they visit and when they get home

-have one adult to each child where possible

-not to consume food and drink in the play area

-take their litter home

-stay at home if they or their children have symptoms

Many thanks’

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